Do your IT staff members have trouble enforcing security policies?

Most organizations struggle to obtain complete threat visibility because of siloed protection, log management, pricey and ever-increasing infrastructure adjustments, and the non-availability of specialised staff. Traditional security solutions are unable to provide proactive threat detection.

As a result, we are working to move our clients to Ns3Tech Solutions SIEM, which provides advanced security event and infrastructure management, in order to create a thorough security posture for your company.


Multilayered Threat Detection is Used by NS3 Tech Solutions SOC Team

Our vigilant SOC experts to identify attacks do multilayered threat detection. It undertakes following:

  • Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)
  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
  • Host Intrusion Detection System
  • Detection of Cloud Intrusion
  • Intelligence Concerning the Possibility of Harmful Events

Effective Strategy of SOC Team

Soc-as-a-service From Ns3Tech Solution: Security Professionals At Your Service

Ns3Tech Solutions SOC services (on premises and cloud) gives our customers a reliable partner which fills a gap within IT security. We offer ongoing detection, prevention, and response for businesses that do not have resources for a full-time internal team. Our crew offers around-the-clock event monitoring, incident management, and actionable notifications for any suspected incidents through our global network of SOCs. Our security specialists install industry-leading SIEMs and automated response capabilities to meet security and compliance objectives, reduce data breach risk, and save operational costs.