Combating Advanced Threats with an Analytics-Based SIEM Built for the Hybrid Enterprise

Ns3Tech Solutions advanced approach is based on a SIEM analysis of your business requirements. Without compromise, we help you automate security operations, collect data at scale and simplify investigations in a cloud-native solution.


Features of Our Service

Efficient and Simplified Operations

On-demand scaling and architectural resiliency to secure your business. Our platform features unlimited scalability, advanced analytics, cloud native and open architecture.

Based on Industry-Leading Technology

A combination of machine learning, context enrichment, and user risk scoring is used to detect complex threats with the least amount of noise.

Service on Threat Content

Detects extensive threats and delivers OOTB threat content to the SOC team. They resolve the threat and send the report straight to your platform.

Personalised Deployment Options

SIEM is built with an architecture that is open and modular and fits any SOC operating model. So, you can choose the deployment as per your business requirements.

Why us?

We are the industry leader for SIEM critical capabilities and cloud SIEM. When you choose us our networking sound team becomes the custodian of your network. They configure top-tier security for your business at a cost-effective monthly operating cost.

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