Managed Detection and Response as a Service

SOC team uses MDR to identify threats, attacks, and malicious activity with ongoing triage and monitoring. Our MDR services enhance security operations' - 24/7 threat monitoring, detection, enrichment, and response through an outcome-oriented methodology.


Common Issues in Managed MDR

  • Threat Detection and Response Time
  • Decrease detection-to-response time
  • Concentrate on proactive analytics and searching
  • Enable SOC dashboards/alerts and monitoring

An Ideal MDR Offering Includes

  • Curated Ready-to-Deploy Technology Stack
  • Facilitation of Threat Detection, Hunting, and Intelligence for the SOC
  • Management of Incident
  • Response to Incident
  • VM, EDR, NDR, and SOAR- Integrated

Standard integration with multi-cloud, SaaS, and other technology stacks.


  • Integrated solution for EDR, SIEM, and Vulnerability Management
  • Capabilities for multidimensional cross-correlation to detect APTs and zero-day attacks
  • 24x7 real-time visibility and monitoring of security events to support sophisticated Secops use cases
  • Threat Reconnaissance and Anomaly Detection

Outcome of our MDR as a service

  • Mean time to detect (MTTD) and Mean time to reply (MTTR) deltas are reduced by 50% or more (MTTR)
  • Harmonization with security teams, NOC teams, and incident management
  • Savings of up to 50 percent on Cybersecurity operations
  • Achievement of 60-75%+ on first-to-know and first-to-report threats

Managed EDR as a Service

Monitoring Endpoints with EDR Security to Identify and Remediate Threats

The Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (MEDR) service from Ns3Tech Solutions offers 24x7 threat hunting, monitoring, and remote investigation services. The skilled Ns3Tech Solutions SOC analysts proactively detect, validate, and remediate attacks against your organisation.

Together with our endpoint detection and response systems, Ns3Tech Solutions offers information and cybersecurity consulting services. To detect, investigate, and mitigate modern cyber threats, massive volumes of endpoint activity in depth approach and thorough visibility data must be collected, recorded, and stored.

Endpoint Detection and Response as a Service

Endpoint Detection and Response is a strategic objective for reducing the risk of a cyber attack. Ns3Tech Solutions has taken a proactive strategy, relying on the experience gained from dozens of clients to respond to and manage your risk through cybersecurity strategies, operational consulting, and audits.

Continuous Endpoint Monitoring & Protection With EDR As A Service

  • SLAs for incident response
  • Enhances cyber resilience
  • Reduces risk and guards against security breaches
  • Threat detection and vulnerability assessment
  • Enhanced IT compliance
  • Deployment, management, and optimisation of EDR
  • Resources for specialised security
  • 24-hour surveillance and warning
  • Increased detection rate
  • Network traffic visibility in real time

Why us?

The Managed Detection and Endpoint Detection Response (MDR & EDR) solution from NS3 Tech Solutions offers 24/7 security monitoring, threat detection, enrichment with threat intelligence, triaging, and incident escalation. Our package includes remediation guidelines for timely detection and response.

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